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Another sativa-dominant strain for you to consider is Bruce Banner, bred by Delta9 Labs.


  • Has numerous phenotypes with vigorous growth
  • Produces heavy, sticky buds
  • High Potency


  • Needs to be kept dry during flowering time

Bruce Banner is one of the most popular sativa seeds in the United States, renowned for its dense, dark, and potent buds. These cannabis buds are some of the strongest, having been tested at nearly 29% THC.

Possessing numerous phenotypes, each of Bruce Banner’s variants offers vigorous growth in compact, dense plants similar to other sativa-dominant strains. Its leaves turn a gorgeous magenta shade toward the end of the flowering time – that’s how you will know this one is nearly ready for harvest.

Bruce Banner produces large yields of heavy, sticky buds. You will need to keep this plant out of the rain and in a dry environment during flowering time in order to produce the best buds. The resulting product is lemony, spicy, and hashy, but can otherwise provide a great range of smells and aromas. However, the effect is always the same – Bruce Banner weed gives you a euphoric, heady high.

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Bruce Banner

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