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Purple Haze is the baby of Haze and Purple Thai. Now there are a bunch of different strains that are all marketed and sold under the name ‘Purple Haze.

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Buy Purple Haze Strain Online ,Named after the iconic 1967 Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze is a sativa-leaning strain that’s as unique as it is legendary. It is said to come from parent strains Purple Thai and Haze.

But, its genetics are not 100% confirmed. This dank strain boasts THC levels between 16 and 20%. It’s a particularly potent strain that’ll stimulate your mind and provide your body with the perfect level of buzz.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Purple Haze shows its claim to fame right off the bat. This strain has medium to large flowers shaped like spades. The buds are loose in structure with soft, fluffy leaves extending outward from their stems like a sativa.

The leaves themselves have a light mossy green colour with rich purple undertones that further justifies its name. Lastly, the flowers have a surface of sticky trichomes, boosting their potency! In other words, if it’s trippy enough for Jimi, then it’s groovy enough for us, man!

When curing the weed, the flowers of Purple Haze have a distinct dank, musty and earthy aroma. Another couple of sniffs will reveal hints of sweet berry notes, as well. When used in a weed grinder, it will release more herbal scents, like its Haze parent strain. So, if you’re a fan of Haze, you’re going to love this strain!

The Purple Haze smoke is smooth and easily inhaled when ignited. The flavour of the smoke is sweet, with hints of hashy spice on the exhale. It’s sugar and spice and oh so nice! Despite its name, there are no underlying grape flavours to this strain. Sorry, grape lovers, but there’s still plenty to love about Purple Haze!

Like other sativa-leaning strains, the effects start in the head. Purple Haze induces slight pressure around the temples or flushing in the cheeks. These sensations will pass, and once they do, you’re in for a treat!

Get ready to feel your thoughts elevate to a higher level and connect to new inspiration and perspectives. This strain’s cerebral effects make tackling work and creative pursuits effortless. Purple Haze has many dedicated fans for its euphoric, mood-boosting effects that make users feel happy throughout the day!

But the effects aren’t limited to the mind! After some time, the strain’s physical characteristics will start to peak. Users will feel a body high that is stimulating and a little bit trippy.

The head and body highs make Purple Haze an excellent strain for enjoying activities that engage both these elements. Playing video games while high, getting some exercise or even spicing things up in the bedroom are all great things to enjoy with Purple Haze!

After the high starts to dwindle down, you may feel your energy dip a bit, but don’t worry, it’s not the type to knock you out cold. Instead, it’s perfect for daily use and can be an excellent motivator to get things done.

The cerebral effects of Purple Haze can help with attention deficit disorders to help improve focusing on specific tasks.

Its euphoric and uplifting properties are also effective for treating depression and anxiety. Purple Haze’s physical effects are not too sedating but can help with headaches and cramps!


Purple Haze Medical Benefits 

ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Minor Inflammations, Headaches, Cramps

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